Ms. Cuckoo and the four chicks

€ 29,50

Ms. Cuckoo has been living in a cuckoo clock in Miss El's classroom for years. She's very much to herself and likes it that way: a calm, predictable life. Until the day the principal decides it'll be fun to bring some chicks into Miss El's classroom for Easter. Ms. Cuckoo doesn't like it - at all. She wants nothing to do with them and ignores the little balls of feathers. Yet they manage to capture her heart, and a friendship develops that will make Ms. Cuckoo go to extremes to save the chicks. But will she succeed?

Author: Janneke van den Eerenbeemt-Venhorst

Illustrations and coverdesign: Pauline Neefs-Franke

Editing, inside lay-out and cover: Els Ruiters

Printed: Pumbo

Book size: Pocket size

Number of pages: 56